• Srategic Engagment

    Srategic Engagment

    Government Affairs for bottom-line impact

  • Strategic Communications

    Strategic Communications

    Working with Members of Congress, we shape policy changes to help our clients

  • A global network

    A global network

    Ready to work for you

  • Experienced in business

    Experienced in business

    We help you impact the bottom line

What We Do

Bond Associates Strategy

Our team provides a strategic approach to government affairs for a very specific purpose –to build your business. We help you foster trust and thought leadership in the halls of government in both the US and the EU, and we have a full-time presence in the US innovation epicenters of Silicon Valley and Texas. The result is that your company is seen as a leader that others will seek out for partnership and real business. Our unparalleled network of global technology businesses, coupled with long experience in Washington, DC and Brussels, provides the insights you need.

Our Team

Bond Associates Team

Our team is headed by the Hon. Phillip J. Bond, former US Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology and one of the most honored technology policy experts in Washington.
Adam Rak, long-time head of Symantec global government affairs, leads our efforts in Silicon Valley. The principals are joined by a select group of counselors and advisers to provide as-needed expertise in communications, procurement, business development and more.


Bond Associates Clients

We are privileged to work with some of the most innovative companies in the world — from one of the world’s premier software companies to a coalition of thousands of the most creative online retailers. We represent a number of the global leaders in cyber security, and innovative smaller companies with diverse interests in security and technology. We help them in public policy campaigns, business development, branding and more.