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We are proud to have worked with companies and coalitions representing many of the world’s most innovative and important companies focused around technology and security. In each case, clients seek to promote and advance their business. Sometimes there is a policy challenge. Sometimes there is a challenge to develop thought leadership or industry awareness. In each case, we’ve crafted solutions for the following companies and coalitions:

  • SAP America

    This iconic global software leader offers world-leading cloud and big data solutions to public sector and commercial sector customers, and is a thought leader in public policy. Go to link

  • We R Here Coalition

    Some 11,000 small, web-enabled retailers have come together to protect e-commerce from new internet sales tax legislation that is designed to cripple the little guy.

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    we are here
  • Kaspersky Lab North America

    A global leader in cyber security, Kaspersky Labs North America is engaging in thought leadership and building business partnerships in both Washington, DC and Silicon Valley.
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    kaspersky lab
  • The Cyber Secure America Coalition

    The CSAC is working for positive legislation to strengthen network security and e-commerce. Despite years of an increasing cyber threat, legislation has been bottled up. The companies below all are members of this growing coalition: Trend Micro, Nok Nok Labs, TechGuard Security, CyberPoint International, Kaspersky Lab, and Qualys.

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    cyber secure america
  • Trend Micro

    A CSAC member, and leading cyber security software provider.

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    Trend Micro
  • Nok Nok Labs

    A CSAC member, an emerging leader in multi-platform authentication technology.

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    NOK NOK Labs
  • CyberPoint International

    CSAC member, a Maryland-based cyber security leader.

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    Cyber point
  • TechGuard Security

    A CSAC member, provider of cyber security solutions to both government and the commercial sectors.

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    tech guard sec
  • Qualys

    A CSAC member and a leading provider of cloud security and compliance solutions.

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  • (ISC)²

    The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium is a non-profit organization which specializes in information security education and certifications. It has been described as “world’s largest IT security organization”

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  • California Technology Council

    The CTC advances an innovation agenda developed to preserve and further California’s primacy in all forms of technology, application, systems and infrastructure.

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  • TBM Council

    Dedicated to advancing the discipline of managing the business of IT, the TBM Council is a nonprofit professional organization that launched the Federal IT COST Commission.

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  • The PEW Charitable Trusts

    A global research and public policy organization, dedicated to serving the public, improving public policy, informing the public, and invigorating civic life.

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  • CDT

    CDT is a champion of global online civil liberties and human rights, driving policy outcomes that keep the Internet open, innovative, and free.

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  • TruSTAR Technology

    A CSAC member, TruSTAR anonymization technology preserves privacy and allows the freedom to share and collaborate.

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  • Life Journey

    An online experience for schools that empowers students to test-drive future STEM careers by connecting with technology professionals.

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  • Ten Eleven

    A CSAC member, TenEleven is a specialized venture capital firm exclusively dedicated to helping cybersecurity companies thrive.

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  • EdgeWave

    Edgewave enables enterprises to embrace the cloud by providing highly effective data security and advanced threat protection

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  • iSIGHT Partners

    A FireEye company, iSIGHT Partners is the leader in cyber threat intelligence with more than 300 different experts in 16 different countries

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  • Virtual

    Virtual is the leading technology-focused association management company, combining advanced systems, industry best practices and innovation to give smaller and mid-sized associations world class business operations.

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    virtual logo
  • Bandura Systems

    oday, Bandura’s PoliWall:tm: is the industry leader for automated action against inbound attacks and outbound data loss. As opposed to security remaining a game of catch-up, Bandura Systems aggregate multiple threat feeds, intelligently assign risk scores, and feed this data to perimeter security devices (PoliWalls) so that immediate action can be taken against known risks at line speeds with negligible impact on network latency.

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